Linyi All-need Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional glass machinery manufacturer integrating scientific research, development, manufacturing, import and export etc. The company adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship, professionalism and differentiated development idea, to root in the glass machinery industry, service glass manufacturers as its own responsibility.
Here we developed machines as follows:
ZXX-C Series CNC glass slotting& grinding machine (waterjet, glass process center)
ZX-CT Series CNC glass loading ,lifting machine
ZX-BK Series CNC Four Edges Chamfering machine
ZXM Series glass straight line grinding & polishing machine (flat edge, chamfer,arris, edging, beveling, pencil edge etc.) Shaped glass grinding &polishing machine
ZXQ Series glass cutting machine,
ZXQX Series glass washing machine,
ZXZ Series glass drilling machine,

   In addition, the company can also be customized according to the different needs of customers, 360-degree to meet the different production needs of customers.
The true craftsman will never stop pursuing progress in the professional field. Whether it is material selection, design or production process, it is constantly improving. ZNXU people refused to be impetuous, refused to deceive, and created a model of the industry with a craftsmanship spirit of exquisite craftsmanship and excellence!

For a long time, ZNXU people have never stopped pursuing progress! Professionalism, dedication, patience, persistence, dedication, living with heart, doing with heart, operating with heart, interpreting life with heart. Create the most advanced practical equipment in the industry, lead the most fashionable development trend in the market, create the best quality brand in the industry, and manufacture excellent products that are unmatched by the peers.